Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War Between the States: The Irrefutable Argument

作者: Gene Kizer, Jr.
出版社: Charleston Athenaeum Press
关键词: irrefutable, argument, states, war, cause, slavery
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出版时间: 2014-08-26
ISBN-10: 0985363274
ISBN-13: 9780985363277


A powerful argument with citation and 140 sources proving unequivocally that the North did not go to war to end slavery or free the slaves. The cause of the War Between the States (Civil War) was the threatened economic annihilation of the North brought about by the secession of the Southern States. The North quickly discovered that its great wealth and employment depended on manufacturing and shipping for the South, and without the South, the North was headed fast to economic collapse and anarchy. The North’s passage of the astronomical Morrill Tariff at the same time that Southerners made protective tariffs unconstitutional, rerouted most U.S. trade away from the North and into Southern ports. This sped up the North’s economic disaster. The North needed the South, which is why President Lincoln said over and over and over that the war was about preserving the Union  but the South did not need the North and was tired of 10 years of Northern hatred and terrorism. The Confederate States of America was the greatest expression of democracy and self-government in the history of the world. Millions of people rose up in state after state in a landmass as great as Europe and quoted the words of the American Founding Fathers from the Declaration of Independence that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. The Federal Government in 1861 had no consent of the governed in the South. Southerners voted to secede from an economically confiscatory government run by people who hated them in order to establish a confederation of sovereign states connected by a weak federal government. The Confederate States of America was the mirror image of the original American republic of the Founding Fathers but with States’ Rights strengthened and an economic system based on free trade. To the South, 1861 was 1776 all over. Southerners would have ended slavery like the rest of the world ended slavery and like Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery, with gradual, compensated emancipation and good will for the new freedmen.