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作者: Raymond Spottiswoode
出版社: University of California Press
关键词: film, technique, analysis, grammar
页数: 340
出版时间: 1950
ISBN-10: 0520012003
ISBN-13: 9780520012004

作者: Giovanna Fossati
出版社: Amsterdam University Press
关键词: film, transition, life, archival, pixel, grain
页数: 321
出版时间: 2010-02-15
ISBN-10: 9089641394
ISBN-13: 9789089641397

Film is in a state of rapid change: the transition from analog to digital is profoundly affecting not just filmmaking and film distribution but a number of other facets of the industry, including the ways in which films are archived. In From Grain to Pixel—the first volume in the new Framing Film series from Amsterdam University Press—Giovanna Fossati brings together scholars and archivists to discuss their theories on digitization and to propose new possibilities for future archives.            

作者: Daniel Talbot
出版社: University of California Press
关键词: anthology, film
页数: 426
出版时间: 1975
ISBN-10: 0520012518
ISBN-13: 9780520012516

Collected essays explore the artistic, social, and historical aspects of film production

作者: Marijke de Valck
出版社: Amsterdam University Press
关键词: memory, love, movies, cinephilia
页数: 239
出版时间: 2005-09-23
ISBN-10: 9053567682
ISBN-13: 9789053567685

They obsess over the nuances of a Douglas Sirk or Ingmar Bergman film; they revel in books such as Franois Truffaut's Hitchcock; they happily subscribe to the Sundance Channel—they are the rare breed known as cinephiles. Though much has been made of the classic era of cinephilia from the 1950s to the 1970s, Cinephilia documents the latest generation of cinephiles and their use of new technologies. With the advent of home theaters, digital recording devices, online film communities, cinephiles today pursue their dedication to film outside of institutional settings. A radical new history of fi

作者: OECD
出版社: OECD Publishing
关键词: film, video, industries, evolution, content, digital, movies, remaking
页数: 132
出版时间: 2008-05-05
ISBN-10: 9264043306
ISBN-13: 9789264043305

Film and video products take a huge variety of forms from modest training or promotion audio-visuals to blockbuster feature films that earn very large amounts of money from worldwide distribution. Production and distribution for any film or video product involve an extremely wide array of commercial interests often with quite different strategies. This study focuses on commercial entertainment products and production and distribution of films and television programs. It analyses the impact of digital content creation, distribution and use on value chains and business models of the film and vid

作者: Tim Bergfelder
出版社: Amsterdam University Press
关键词: 1930s, european, cinema, design, imagination, architecture, transnational, film
页数: 320
出版时间: 2007-09-15
ISBN-10: 9053569847
ISBN-13: 9789053569849

European cinema between World Wars I and II was renowned for its remarkable attention to detail and visual effects in set design. Visionary designers such as Vincent Korda and Alfred Junge extended their influence across national film industries in Paris, London, and Berlin, transforming the studio system into one of permeable artistic communities. For the first time, Film Architecture and the Transnational Imagination provides a comparative study of European film set design in the late 1920s and 1930s.  Based on a wealth of drawings, film stills, and archival documents from the period, this

作者: Marijke de Valck
出版社: Amsterdam University Press
关键词: global, cinephilia, geopolitics, european, festivals, film
页数: 280
出版时间: 2007
ISBN-10: 9053561927
ISBN-13: 9789053561928

The film festival has come a long way from its relatively humble origins in Venice in 1932—when nine nations presented twenty-five feature films screened in an open-air cinema where men had to adhere to standards of formal evening attire. Hugely popular events that attract diverse lovers of cinema worldwide, today’s most famous film festivals—Cannes, Berlin, Venice, and Rotterdam—continue the story of a phenomenon that began in the midst of geopolitical disputes in war-torn Europe. Film Festivals shows how these festivals turned impediments into advantages and developed a successful gl
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