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作者: International Libestock Centre for Africa. Herbage
出版社: ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD)
关键词: production, seed, forage
页数: 71
出版时间: 1994
ISBN-10: 9290532939
ISBN-13: 9789290532934

Field multiplication; Performance objectives; Introduction to seed production; Seed production systems; Site selection; Matching the forage to the site; The forage plant; Crop establishment; Crop management; Seed harvesting; Feedback exercises; Post-harvest seed conditioning; Performance objectives; Introduction to post-harvest seed conditioning; threshing and winnowing; Seed drying; Seed cleaning; Seed packaging; Seed storage; Seed quality control concepts; Performance objectives; Introduction to evaluation of seed quality; Components of seed quality; Seed quality assurance; Methods for seed

作者: Yuri K. Shestopaloff
关键词: introduction, annuities, mortgages
页数: 205
出版时间: 2009-11-10
ISBN-10: 0980966787
ISBN-13: 9780980966787

"Mortgages and Annuities: An Introduction" by mathematician Yuri K. Shestopaloff was specifically written and designed for undergraduate students, their teachers, and financial industry specialists needing a solid grounding in the mathematical foundations and computations associated with the development, implementation, and interpretation of financial investment instruments and their underlying formulas that are commonly associated with the purchase of buildings and investments for retirement. Informed and informative, "Mortgages and Annuities: An Introduction" is replete numerical examples, e

作者: Candice A. Stark
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: systems, security, information, accreditation, certification, introduction
页数: 75
出版时间: 1994-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788110020
ISBN-13: 9780788110023

Provides an introduction to certification & accreditation (C&A). Contents: overview of C&A; primary C&A roles; & security policy; Defines C&A & related terms. Acronyms list. References.

作者: Martin Ravallion
出版社: World Bank Publications
关键词: introduction, evaluation, analyst, speedy, vanishing, benefits, mystery
页数: 44
出版时间: 1999

This entertaining introduction to the concepts and methods of impact evaluation, as seen through the eyes of Ms. Speedy Analyst, assumes readers are familiar with basic statistics up to regression analysis (as covered in an introductory text on econometrics).

作者: W. Jason Gilmore
出版社: Apress
关键词: php, introduction, programmer
页数: 450
出版时间: 2000-12
ISBN-10: 1893115852
ISBN-13: 9781893115859

No matter what language you are familiar with, this book will benefit you. Beginning with a rapid introduction to PHP’s syntax and basic functionality, you will swiftly understand PHP. The book then steers you toward advanced issues, like PHP’s role in database manipulation, sessions, and user interactivity. Author W.J. Gilmore also examines how PHP can work with XML, JavaScript, and the Component Object Model (COM). He loads the book with practical examples and several projects that can be immediately incorporated on any website. The invaluable A Programmer’s Introduction

作者: Mark I. Miravalle
出版社: Mark I. Miravalle, S.T.D.
关键词: doctrine, devotion, marian, heart, mary, introduction
页数: 270
出版时间: 2006
ISBN-10: 1882972066
ISBN-13: 9781882972067

The Introduction to Mary, offers us the opportunity to experience the truth about the person of Mary, our Spiritual Mother, through learning about Marian doctrine and devotion. Also offers answers to ten of the more common objections to Mary. Written by a Professor of Theology and Mariology at Franciscan University at Steubenville. Imprimatur.

作者: Harvey Morrison
出版社: LULU
关键词: free, download, introduction, planner, business, new
页数: 100
出版时间: September 12, 2009
eBookDB-ID: ML00765150

FREE Download - Introduction to The New Business Planner and Entrepreneur’s Guide to Developing a Small Business. Download this Adobe-format document and see exactly what is available to help you develop your new business. Afterwards, download the FREE Microsoft Excel DEMO version of the full New Business Planner package. To access THE NEW BUSINESS PLANNER web page, enter -
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