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作者: Professor Solomon
关键词: earth, inner, visitors
页数: 300
出版时间: 2010-12-26
eBookDB-ID: EBDB1011CV

True tales (or so it was claimed) of subterranean journeys • KING HERLA in the cavern of the dwarfs • ENKIDU and his descent into Sheol • ORPHEUS and ÆNEAS in Hades • SIR OWEN in Purgatory • CUCHULAIN in Tir-nan-Og • REUBEN and the mikvah stairway • REVEREND KIRK and his abduction • RICHARD SHAVER and the Deros • SAINT-YVES D’ALVEYDRE in Agharta • THOMAS THE RHYMER in Fairyland • OLAF JANSEN and the polar opening • APOLLONIUS OF TYANA in the Abode of the Wise Men • LOBSANG RAMPA beneath the Himalayas • DOREAL an

作者: Robert A. Hoppe
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: persistence, pressure, states, united, farms, small
页数: 39
出版时间: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437929737
ISBN-13: 9781437929737

Ninety-one percent of U.S. farms are classified as small ¿ gross cash farm income (GCFI) of less than $250,000. About 60% of these small farms are very small, generating GCFI of less than $10,000. These very small noncommercial farms exist independently of the farm economy because their operators rely heavily on off-farm income. The remaining small farms ¿ small commercial farms ¿ account for most small-farm production. Overall farm production continues to shift to larger operations, while the number of small commercial farms and their share of sales maintain a long-term decline. The shift

作者: Robert G. Seabrooks
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: small, going, businesses, awards, procurement, business, sba
页数: 30
出版时间: 2007-10-01
ISBN-10: 1422315797
ISBN-13: 9781422315798

At the request of the U.S. Senate, the Small Business Admin. (SBA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an evaluation to determine whether small business procurement awards reported by the SBA in FY2001 & 2002 were indeed awarded to companies that were small at the time of the award. The OIG further examined issues related to small business gov't. contracting. This report presents the results of this evaluation.

作者: Richard Kissel
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: fundamentals, security, information, business, small
页数: 20
出版时间: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437924522
ISBN-13: 9781437924527

For some small businesses, the security of their information, systems, and networks might not be a high priority, but for their customers, employees, and trading partners it is very important. The size of a small business varies by type of business, but typically is a business or organization with up to 500 employees. In the U.S., the number of small businesses totals to over 95% of all businesses. The small business community produces around 50% of our nationżs GNP and creates around 50% of all new jobs in our country. Small businesses, therefore, are a very important part of our nationżs e

作者: C. J. Mahaney
出版社: Sovereign Grace Ministries
关键词: maturity, together, groups, small
页数: 130
出版时间: 1996-10
ISBN-10: 1881039064
ISBN-13: 9781881039068

Do you want to get on the fast track to Christian maturity? Small groups provide the ideal context for "working out our salvation" together. Whether you attend a small group or lead one, this book will raise your vision and inspire you to excel in the areas of service to which God has called you. And if you don't attend a small group? All the more reason you may want to read Why Small Groups? and let it change your life. The authors are all pastors from various Sovereign Grace Ministries churches.

作者: Janet Choplick
出版社: book series: Janet Choplick
关键词: return, sarah, chronicle, town, small
页数: 17
出版时间: 2010
ISBN-10: 1448955084
ISBN-13: 9781448955084

Welcome to Milroy, a true small-town where history and friendships grow strong. In the first of this series, Sarah has been gone a long while living in a big city. She returns to breathe new life into the old Malacourts and start a new life with her children. Sarah is reunited with her childhood sweetheart Johnny Hanover and romance is in the air. Sarah rediscovers childhood friends and the way a small town works. Sarah will need to rediscover where she belongs and who she is. But every small town has secrets and Milroy is no exception. Someone is not happy Sarah has returned and she soon real

作者: Loren Yager
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: address, foreign, patent, challenges, businesses, small, trade, federal, action, needed, international
页数: 128
出版时间: 2003-12
ISBN-10: 0756729203
ISBN-13: 9780756729202

Small businesses are important to the U.S. economy for their roles in technological development & job creation. To fully protect & profit from their innovations, small businesses may need to obtain patents in other countries. This report identifies whether small businesses encounter any impediments in seeking patents abroad & determines whether any federal actions could help small businesses overcome those impediments. To answer these questions, the GAO convened an expert panel of U.S. patent attorneys & surveyed a number of small businesses. The respondents felt that the U.S. should promote h
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