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作者: Sigurd R. Nilsen
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: improve, financial, reporting, guidance, track, investment, states, spending, workforce
页数: 50
出版时间: 2003-07
ISBN-10: 0756734754
ISBN-13: 9780756734756

The Bush administration has twice proposed reducing the Workforce Investment Act's (WIA) budget, citing large amounts of states' unspent funds carried over from the prior year. However, in light of current economic conditions, state & local workforce officials have expressed a need for more funds, not less. This report assesses whether the Dept. of Labor's spending info. is a true reflection of states' available funds. Examined the spending rate for states, what Labor does to determine how states are managing their spending, & what factors affect states' WIA expenditure. Recommends that Labor

作者: Christopher J. Makins
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: states, united, delegation, european, commission, fund, german, europe, report, study, marshall
页数: 89
出版时间: 1998
ISBN-10: 0966605306
ISBN-13: 9780966605303

作者: United States. Census Office
出版社: N. Ross Pub.
关键词: states, united, one, first, march, passed, ninety, hundred, thousand, inhabitants, seven, providing, persons, number, whole, several, districts, return, according, enumeration
页数: 64
出版时间: 1990
ISBN-10: 0883544016
ISBN-13: 9780883544013

作者: United States, Government Accountability Office
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: reading, states, report, role, implementation, ensuring, proper, education’s, additional, first, improvements, instruction, procedures, clarify
页数: 110
ISBN-10: 1422325601
ISBN-13: 9781422325605

作者: United States International Trade Commission
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: united, states, free, trade, agreement, chile, implement, schedule, harmonized, modifications, tariff
页数: 216
ISBN-10: 1428958177
ISBN-13: 9781428958173

作者: United States International Trade Commission
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: united, states, free, trade, agreement, australia, implement, schedule, harmonized, modifications, tariff
页数: 232
出版时间: 2004
ISBN-10: 1428958045
ISBN-13: 9781428958043

作者: Thomas M. James
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: block, grant, tanf, effects, reform, fiscal, welfare
页数: 60
出版时间: 1998-06
ISBN-10: 0788179667
ISBN-13: 9780788179662

Reviews states' fiscal decisions for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant & whether states are taking steps to prepare for the effects of future economic downturns on their welfare programs. Addresses (1) how state budgetary resources, including federal aid, have been allocated since states have had access to TANF funds, (2) what plans states are making to assure programmatic stability in times of fiscal & economic stress, & (3) the extent to which states have used, or plan to use, the program's federal Contingency Fund & the Loan Fund which are available for downturn
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